offers traditional and contemporary French-inspired confections.   All of our products are hand-crafted, combining elegant style with subtle and refined taste.  We travel extensively in search of new ideas and the ingredients that make our confections desserts in themselves.  But as a Chicago-based company, we are also within arm's reach of many local ingredients that rival anything we have tasted in our travels.  At  Flora, we use no preservatives and rely as much as possible on the local farmers who bring their products twice a week to Chicago's Green City Market, recognized as one of the finest farmer's markets in the country.  Visit our friends at Mick Klug, Seedling Fruit, Hillside Farms, Green Acres, and Ellis Farm. You'll see why Chicago is great place to make pate de fruit and fruit flavored ganaches.

Our menu changes regularly according to our inspirations and the availability of high-quality ingredients. Our most recent confections have included:

Hand-Dipped Ganache
Available in: gingered peach caramel, coffee-cardamom, salted caramel, raspberry caramel, Moroccan mint tea, nougat, tarragon-orange, passion fruit caramel, gianduja 

Molded Bonbons
Available in: honey anise, pear caramel, cassis balsamic caramel, honey thyme, cinnamon-star anise, vanilla lavender, dark espresso, cappuccino, General Tso Szechuan peppercorn , Chinese 5 spice, plum ginger caramel, poire Helene, raspberry gianduja


Available in: traditional French (almond-pistachio) and locavore (Three Sisters pecan and Seedling Fruit's dried cherry.)

Pate de fruit

We are the only Chicago-based confectioner making these succulent fruit pastes entirely from locally-produced fruit.

Available in: apricot vanilla,  apple-cinnamon, raspberry star anise, honey rhubarb, strawberry, white peach - Gewurztraminer, blueberry - Pinot Noir, cassis-pear.

Candied Citrus Peels

Available in: grapefruit, orange.


Currently available in: honey crisp-honey, rhubarb-rosemary and rhubarb ginger